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Stop the Cuts

The Truth About Austerity

Recently I have been frustrated by the controversy over whether Britain’s policy of austerity has led to a double dip recession in the UK. Progressive economists like Paul Krugman assert that a policy of austerity has been an utter failure, proving that government spending is needed to lift an economy out of malaise and put…
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Would a 3rd Round of Quantitative Easing be a Charm?

Would a 3rd Round of Fed Quantitative Easing be a charm? Matthew O’Brien, writing last week for The Atlantic, certainly feels it would be. Those who share his sentiments were disappointed when Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke in his hearing before Congress stated “monetary policy is not a panacea”, which many have interpreted as a sign…
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Some Things Never Change

I have really enjoyed studying economics. One aspect in particular which has drawn me to the science of economics is its permanence as a result of its causal-realist nature. Sound economic theory establishes truths that hold from generation to generation. It provides one with a timeless framework to evaluate market exchange between individuals as well…
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Subsidies for ‘Innovators’ Will Stifle Innovation

Last Thursday, an article in The Atlantic argued that despite claims to the contrary, the United States government should subsidize the manufacturing industry. The author argues that the manufacturing industry is the most innovative of all industries and therefore deserves exceptional support from the US taxpayer. The article, however, falsely claims that innovation is the…
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