Introducing Liberty Classroom!

With the introduction of Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom, you now have the opportunity to learn the history and economics that you never learned in school.

Since the “intellectual battle for the free society is on,” Liberty Classroom‘s “goal is to equip as many ambassadors for liberty as possible with the knowledge that they need to win this battle.” And judging by the testimonials, Liberty Classroom is doing just that.

The award-winning Tom Woods has assembled a stellar group of scholars that can teach you both history and economics–all from a free market perspective. The faculty of Liberty Classroom includes Tom Woods himself, Kevin Gutzman, Brian McClanahan, Jason Jewell, Jeffrey Herbener (a professor of several of this blog’s contributors) and others.

Offering classes in Austrian Economics, U.S. History, and Western Civilization, Liberty Classroom is bound to change the way you think about popular debates–which all too often fault the voluntary workings of free individuals for societal ills and historical calamities. Learn “the history and economics they didn’t teach you.” Join Liberty Classroom today!

*Hans Economics is not officially affiliated with Tom Woods or Liberty Classroom. Our authors highly recommend the courses, however, and credit much of their own intellectual development to scholars like Tom Woods and other faculty members of Liberty Classroom.


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  1. Nicholas Freiling June 22, 2012 at 11:47 pm #

    Having met Tom Woods and taken several classes with Dr. Herbener, I wholeheartedly recommend these courses!

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