Insights into the Financial Crisis

In this post, we highlight a few popular level resources for gaining a deeper understanding of the financial crisis and its aftermath.

The Bubble, a documentary examining the financial crisis, will be arriving shortly.

Fraud: Why the Great Recession features Jesus Huerta deSoto and Philip Bagus and is already available.

Learn “real history and economics” from Tom Woods’ outstanding Liberty Classroom.

In this video clip from liberty Classroom, Jeff Herbener explains why booms and busts are not inherent features of market economies.

Tom Woods interviews Herbener, chair of the department of economics at Grove City College, about his journey from mainstream economics to Austrian economics here.

You can see Herbener’s latest scholarly contribution in his preface to The Pure Time Preference Theory of Interest.  Doug French argues in the foreword that the topic is of special interest in light of heightened intervention by monetary authorities.

Tracy Miller, associate professor of economics at Grove City College, explains how certain government policies have stymied recovery in this Forbes piece.

Shawn Ritenour, associate professor of econ at GCC, explains the pitfalls of using GDP as a way to measure economic growth and recovery.  We have also written about that issue here. Ritenour’s blog, Foundations of Economics, frequently examines topics pertaining to recent events.

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